Teacher Training

The NEXT Sky Styx Teacher Certification Training will be held …

MARCH 29-APRIL 1, 2019 @Discovery Yoga Center, St. Augustine. 

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26 Contact Hours qualify as both: 

 Electives for Discovery Yoga 300 hour Certification &

CEU’s for Yoga Alliance 

Enrollment limited to 16. 

What will I learn? 

Our Teacher Certification Training provides you with a strong foundation of principles, practices, sequences and techniques that add a distinct, new methodology to your yoga, enabling you to benefit more students with your teaching and find a new depth of experience within your own practice. The unique use of Sky Styx for leverage, stability, mobility, length, tactile alignment and strength awakens exciting new possibilities for all, regardless of fitness or familiarity with yoga. You will learn to safely and effectively guide students in the Sky Styx methodology for 3 distinct curriculums: Fitness Styx … Sky Styx Yoga … Chair Styx

 1. Fitness Styx:

The leverage, positioning and touch of Sky Styx develops alignment, strength, joint mobility, muscular flexibility, balance, stability with mobility and keen body awareness through a wide range of positions, patterns and intuitive movements.

2. Sky Styx Yoga:

Sky Styx can deepen most asanas in ways you probably have not experienced before, with increased safety, deeper penetration, and more relaxed holding. This methodology will be applied to asanas in 5 core positions: Standing • Balancing • Kneeling • Seated • Supine.

3. Chair Styx:

When Styx meet chairs, amazing things happen. New possibilities that were never before available now seem easily doable. With Styx in hand and a chair underneath, greater range of motion, more stability, increased confidence, easier balance, upper and lower core strength and even greater delight and fun—essential elements for a consistent practice—emerge. The effect can be either very gentle or deeply vigorous.

How will I be supported? 

Small Classes:
Attendance is limited to 16, ensuring abundant teacher-student contact and plenty of space.

Experienced, Skillful Teaching:
Christopher has been leading yoga classes and workshop for over 40 years and delights in sharing the experience of Styx and Yoga with others. He is with you every step of the way.

Sky Styx Certificates: 
For those with a 200-hour teaching certificate from a Yoga Alliance recognized school or a massage therapist, physical therapist or similar registered health care provider, a Sky Styx Teaching Certificate will be Otherwise a Certificate of Attendance is provided.

During teaching sessions, between classes there is ample opportunity for students to help each other understand, experience, refine and communicate.

In this way we learn, share and teach each other, building deep and lasting friendship as well as collegial relationships. Being part of a community of teachers is one of the most satisfying and enriching dimensions of the training. Having colleagues you can trust and turn to for suggestions, perspective and inspiration for practice and teaching is at the core of our precious time together.


Marketing Resources: 

  • Access our array of Sky Styx photos, music playlists and marketing copy to help you describe and promote Sky Styx to your community. 

  • Teacher Locator on our website. Students will be able to find a Styx teacher near them.

  • Christopher and Lynn are available by email and phone to help you build a foundation for your Sky Styx teaching activity.

Bulk Discounts:
All Sky Styx products are available at bulk discount rates to our certified teacher.

Playful, focused fun:
We learn better in an atmosphere of relaxed, spacious, kindly determination. The entire training is held with a light heart, attentive mind and open, energetic engagement.

Fee, Location, & Dates:

March 29-April 1, 2019 @ Discovery Yoga, St. Augustine

Registration includes 2 comprehensive, illustrated manuals.

To Register, CLICK HERE or call Christopher with questions at 904-687-8482.