Introducing Sky Styx

What are Sky Styx? They are both a hands-on tool and a fun system of fluid, energetic yet gentle movements to motivate & enhance fitness after 50.

Even with aching joints, stiff muscles & old injuries we can all learn powerful, joyful ways to strengthen, move and balance. Bring your body and mind to the  mat and meet this playful, practice partner that inspires and motivates, builds  confidence and unlocks greater freedom of movement.

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Sky Styx Yoga Floor Asanas

Four Ways to Fitness . . .
Strength, Flexibility, Alignment & Balance

The Sky Styx method is a lot of fun while getting a physical workout!   The variety of moves also have a therapeutic effect.   It’s definitely a fitness method for long-term use.  It’s awesome! –Carol Herndon, founder of Horizon Blue Yoga

A fun, energizing experience. Frees the body and the mind to let go and move in new, different ways. –Jodie Bliss

Holding stretches in such a safe and therapeutic way was so refreshing and renewing. What a great idea!  –Mary Brownell

I am feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally after practicing the Sky Styx series almost everyday. Thank you for an amazing way to reduce old fears from injuries and re-connect with my body. –Patricia Evans

Such an amazing way to move the body and with such ease and so much fun! I moved my body in ways I wasn’t sure were possible and I have been practicing yoga for many years. –Trish DeThomas

I have severe spinal and nerve damage in my lumbar spine.  Using your Sky Stix improved my range of motion.  I enjoyed a sense of safety to explore new possibilities with more stability.  I am looking  forward to your next DVD and personal discoveries.    –Deborah Canizales

Using the styx to assist into a deep hamstring release worked magic. I was amazed that, once in the correct posture, months of tightness erased in literally less than a minute. This wouldn’t have been possible without Christopher and his Sky Styx! Thank you! -Heather Hamel

Meet Christopher Baxter

Creator of Sky Styx

Christopher Baxter is an architect and master yoga educator with more than 40 years experience.  A founding member of Kripalu Center and author of Kripalu Hatha Yoga, he was instrumental in the development of Kripalu Yoga, Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, and Yoga Alliance before innovating his “InnerSky Yoga” and “Sky Styx” methodologies.