“Shoulder & Neck Stretches,” a 10-min. practice

Watch this excerpt to see how Sky Styx can loosen your shoulders and release neck tension.

Golf & Daily Life DVD

DVD shipped for $15 + S&H

“Torso & Hips,” a 13-min. practice

from “Sky Styx for Golf & Daily Life.”

(Psssssst. You don’t have to be a golfer to love these exercises. They do wonders for your overall fitness.)

“Sky Styx for Golf & Daily Life” has four 15-minute classes for on-the-go limbering and toning–before, during, and after a golf game or for quick release of tight muscles and joints anytime.

Floor Asanas in Kneeling, Seated, and Supine Positions

Unlimited Streaming for $15

Check out these excerpts from our video, “Sky Styx Yoga Floor Asanas”

New Video: Sky Styx Standing Asanas

Unlimited Streaming for $15

See our latest trailer video for “Sky Styx Standing Asanas.”